Tokoin Joins Hands with ShuttleONE

The Tokoin team has been at the top of their game for a while now, integrating new businesses and partnerships into their ecosystem. Bringing the South Asian business market closer together, Tokoin has been forging some incredible partnerships in the South Asian industry, with the aim of establishing mutually beneficial and lasting ties in the market.

Adding key players to their already extensive network, Tokoin has joined hands with an up and coming Singapore based business company, Shuttle One, as their newest business partner. The partnership establishes promises valuable technology exchange and marketing collaboration between the two entities. The company is mainly one that assists in the blockchain ecosystem, but it has been providing substantial technical support to the Tokoin team. 

Considering Tokoin has been working relentlessly to bring about a positive change in the MSME sector, this new partnership has opened up a whole different market for them, beyond Indonesia. Shuttle One is forthcoming with their ties in the Singapore industry and is happy to provide community outreach services to the Tokoin team. Bridging the gap between the two countries, both companies are working closely together to make a positive impact on the market, and extend their services to an even greater community of people.

Today’s business market is all about the connections that you make, and with both of these companies coming together, they are opening up new markets and communities for each other, for the purpose of expanding their respective businesses.

Their partnership was forged in June 2019, and Shuttle One being a fairly new company, has brought their enthusiasm and proactive attitude into the equation. The company is being led by their CEO HongZhuang Lim, who has years of experience in the industry and has been a key player in the blockchain sector. Under his expertise, Shuttle One has quickly emerged as one of the hottest projects in Singapore at the moment.

This partnership is a well thought out deal which would allow Tokoin to receive Shuttle One’s instant exchange technology for its merchants. On the other hand, Tokoin is opening up the increasingly lucrative Indonesian market for the Shuttle One team. We hope to see more such interesting partnerships in the future, that would bring the Southeast Asian business industry, further closer.

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Author: Tokoin Official

TOKOIN is a platform that establishes the identity of MSMEs as an acceptable reputation in the business ecosystem. TOKOIN presents a better and modern business ecosystem that offers valuable partnerships to address inclusive growth. As a platform, TOKOIN captures and processes business information from the users as a valuable asset, which, in our ecosystem, translates to the trusted reputation of the MSMEs as our users to access previously inaccessible financial business services from providers which act as our partners. Therefore, TOKOIN links the business and financial sectors to launch a scheme of financial inclusion. The partnerships formed in TOKOIN will subsequently contribute to the national economic growth.

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