The 4th Industrial Revolution from the Perspective of Business Model

The participants of BlockClinic 1.0 took a picture together with speakers Mutia Rachmi and Peter Wijaya. This event was initiated by BlockLab ID and powered by Tokoin.

Having a community to share knowledge and insights about the blockchain world surely develop a valuable network. Therefore, we came up with an idea to gather all blockchain enthusiasts in our event, the BlockClinic 1.0, to encourage all participants to think critically and get insights about the crypto world. This bi-weekly event is hosted and organized by our community program, BlockLab Indonesia. In our events, we bring together business professionals, blockchain enthusiasts, academics, and those who are interested in entering the world of blockchain by learning together.

We intend to cover the topic of the broad impacts that the blockchain technology brings in every aspect of our life. That is why we chose the fourth Industrial Revolution as a perspective to introduce blockchain in BlockClinic 1.0. Delivering the topic, the speakers invited by Tokoin are:

  • Host: Singgih Akbar Prakoso — Community Manager of BlockLab ID
  • Peter Wijaya — Business Partner of
  • Mutia Rachmi — Business Developer of NEM

Located at’s office in West Jakarta, the event was attended by about 50 participants, who are business executives, entrepreneurs in various fields, academics, and journalists. Our meet-up was formatted as a combination of a brief presentation from each of the speakers, a Q & A session, as well as a discussion and networking session. We want to create a community and inspire the participants to deepen their knowledge about blockchain, while simultaneously widening their network.

Mutia Rachmi, NEM’s Business Developer, invited three participants in the interactive illustration.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The industry is continuously improving, and the world is now facing the Industrial Revolution 4.0. In this era, industrial and business processes are highly affected by technology, such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and blockchain. This will bring consequences to the existing business models in terms of efficiency of production and manpower. To get involved in the digital ecosystem, let alone the blockchain ecosystem, businesses need to adapt to a new form of technology.

Business models themselves are also changing. Peter Wijaya, one of our partners from Indonesia’s B2B marketplace, sees the sharing economy, which can be powered by blockchain technology to guarantee transparency and security, as an effective solution.

Understanding the blockchain network, Mutia Rachmi, the Business Developer of NEM, presented an interactive illustration. To understand how blockchain works, one can compare the characteristics of blockchain to a peer-to-peer network. If one peer puts one datum, it will be distributed to other peers. When one peer modifies the data, the change will leave traces and affect other data being distributed in the network. This immutable characteristic makes the blockchain network incorruptible and unhackable.

Even so, the technology of blockchain that can be implemented in a business model requires a friendly interface for the users to access. Mutia Rachmi stated that blockchain can solve problems and provide effectivity in business processes, such as trust, transparent records, prevention of fraud, cost reduction, quicker transactions, and all data being secured with encryptions.

To answer the challenge of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, businesses must be willing to invest their time in learning and developing knowledge and skills. Hence, Tokoin and BlockLab Indonesia are providing a convenient place to get a deeper understanding of many aspects in the blockchain field, which we will present in our upcoming bi-weekly event.

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Author: Tokoin Official

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