Tokoin Global Roadshow – Meetup in Korea – Technology brings industries closer to their market. The utilization of technology helps industry players to thrive better than what they could get during the previous industrial revolution with more benefits offered. One of the examples of technology being implemented for industrial purposes is the blockchain.

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The Potency Of Economies in the Cooperative System

The potency of economies lies in the people. Thus, the prosperity of the people indicates the success of the system. This is one of the objectives in the field of co-operative economy. To achieve this end, cooperatives work as organizations which operate by pooling or accumulating in parts of the larger yet venous system. For many different types of Indonesian cooperatives, every part and member are responsible for the primary and operational budget, and the amount and pooling frequency are set and agreed upon by all members.

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Tokoin at Dubai Blockchain Summit 2019, The most Influential Blockchain Summit of This Era

Hosted by Smart Dubai, in partnership with the Dubai World Trade Centre, the Future Blockchain Summit unlocks many opportunities in the exponential speed of industries through global partnerships, demonstrate real-world blockchain use cases for business and daily life, and feature a real-life interactive blockchain experience.

On April 2-3, 2019, the Future Blockchain Summit hosted the region’s largest gathering of blockchain experts to discuss the implementation of blockchain to lift the veil on the technology, focusing on the countless ways it is altering industries and delivering multi-billion dollar opportunities for the international blockchain industry, which is expected to grow to USD20 billion by 2024.

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The Undisputedly High Security of Smart Contract – The decentralized aspect of a blockchain, which is its effectiveness in the assets distribution system, has always become its spotlight among Industry 4.0 technology enthusiasts. It is said that the decentralized system can revolutionize the ineffective conventional banking system and is likely to disrupt the existing economic landscape, enabling financial inclusion.

Given the decentralized system between all permitted participants, there is no need to pay intermediaries or middlemen for distributing assets, thus saving time and putting away conflicts. Thanks to the invention of Smart Contract, peer-to-peer transactions can now be supported by a highly secure system.

Back in 1994, a legal scholar named Nick Szabo pitched the concept of smart contracts for the first time. This was followed by the invention of digital currency called ‘Bit Gold’ later in 1998, way before Bitcoin existed. The contracts were self-executing and converted into codes to perform tasks.

Unlike the famous Satoshi Nakamoto or Vitalik Butterin, not much information about that man went viral back in those days. Nick Szabo certainly enjoyed privacy although his Smart Contract invention indisputably became the groundwork for the present decentralized security system.

So, what exactly is the Smart Contract?

In general, the Smart Contract is similar to the usual contracts when exchanging property, money, shares, or anything valuable in a secure and transparent way, but with a little twist: This invention let you transact efficiently by removing the necessity for middlemen.

The Smart Contract is created between two parties that are transacting on a blockchain platform. Both parties remain anonymous. After it is created, the contract is stored in a public ledger, and the system will analyze the contract. Once the triggering events are set, i.e. deadlines, the contract will self-execute as per the written codes. Regulators and users are allowed to analyze all the activities and predict market anomalies and trends.

To put it simply, think of the Smart Contract as an agreement. For example, John wants to buy a car from Wayne. He can easily pay Wayne through a blockchain network using cryptocurrency. John will get a virtual receipt, and it will get included in the Smart Contract.

After Wayne gives the car key to within a specified date, John releases the payment. If Wayne doesn’t give the key, then the network will call in a refund. However, if Wayne gives the key within a specified time, then both the key and the fee will be held up until the specified date.

Once the network has all the components to be released, it will discharge the key to John and the fee to Wayne. If anyone tries to get access to the code, every party linked to the contract will get alerted immediately.

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The New Wave, Minted A Crypto Coin – What kind of crypto coin will be minted next? How would it be designed, implemented, and kept under control to govern the revolutionary wave that can shake the concept of investing as we know now?

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Answering Cooperatives’ Challenge in Industry 4.0 Era – The challenge which cooperatives face in this era of the fourth industrial revolution is how to keep playing a key role in empowering the nation’s economy. The rapid flow of global emerging markets afforded by the implementation of technology has inevitably forced cooperatives to adaptively respond to the ongoing changes unless they want to just be “gone with the wind”.

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Growth Engine Competition: Winner Can Earn Up To 500 TOKO Token!

Tokoin is aspiring to achieve its mission of helping MSMEs build their profiles to guarantee their data integrity by creating a virtual ledger for each MSMEs transaction, as well as eliminating financial inclusion barriers by providing reputation scoring. This sustainable business model will enable MSMEs to perform in on a higher scale and increase the economic capability of the whole MSMEs ecosystem.

Our bounty program is intended to introduce our TOKO Token. Bounty hunters will earn TOKO Tokens as the rewards, which will be distributed after our offering phase has ended. To participate, bounty hunters must promote and/or create contents which promote Tokoin, and there are some options to do it.

Growth Engine Reward

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Head off to the Tokoin website. You will see a pop-up in a few
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  3. Sign up and verify your e-mail
  4. Log in and complete the different social tasks until you reach the bronze reward
  5. Scroll down and save your ETH address
  6. Earn up to 500 TOKO Tokoin for inviting friends

Blog/Article Campaign

Publish a review article about the Tokoin project with following requirements:

  1. Write an original article in Indonesian or English.
  2. Upload the article to your blog page: Medium, personalized website, Blogspot, or Steemit.
  3. We will select the best 150 articles.
  4. We will reward every chosen article with 15 TOKO Tokens.
  5. To publish an article, it is mandatory to fill in this Google Form.
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  7. Newsletter subscribing to our website,, is mandatory.

Video campaign:

  1. Create a video related to any of Tokoin’s promotional materials.
  2. The video can be in the form of a whiteboard, Tokoin C-level interviews, or public testimonials.
  3. The language used in the video can be Indonesian or English.
  4. Upload it to general video platforms, such as YouTube or Vimeo.
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*Latest update:
The refereum bounty program is already closed. Please stay tune to all Tokoin channels to get more updates as we will have some other exciting programs next.

Tokoin in ‘Making Indonesia 4.0’

General Director of IKMA, Gati Wibawaningsih took a picture with Tokoin team in the event of
E-Smart IKM 2019: IKM Go Digital in Surabaya, Friday (29/3).

Tokoin joined the socialization event of mapping ‘Making Indonesia 4.0’. Alongside the Directorate General of Small, Medium, and Various Industries (Dirjen IKMA), the Ministry of Industries, Tokoin contributes to the digitization of and literacy for MSMEs. Towards the Industrial Revolution 4.0, MSMEs in Indonesia are still left behind when it comes to information and technology. In the educational event, Tokoin could penetrate deeper in the MSME sector to widen the sector’s paradigm about digital utilization by means of blockchain technology. In particular, Tokoin took a role in educating the audience about the utilization of digital technology in MSME business operations, such as product selling, product shipping, payment system, supply chain management, and promotional channels.

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Tokoin and Sahabat UMKM Ties-In Partnership

One of the cornerstones for developing a country’s economy is the MSME sector. In Indonesia, there are currently more than 50 million MSMEs operating. They contribute significantly to the gross domestic products and the economic growth in general yearly.

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Things to Review When Running MSME Business – Before you jump into the entrepreneurs’ world, there are several things that need to be considered before initiating a business, namely the “dos and don’ts” of running a business.

For entrepreneurs, tips and tricks will be very helpful, especially to guide them to set the proper steps at the beginning of their entrepreneurship journey. These steps will be helpful for avoiding mistakes that might casually put the business at risk. So, here are the six things which must be avoided when starting your business.

1. Ignoring the business plan

A brilliant idea and newly-found motivation will not lead to a swift step when building a new business. Taking ideas out of your head and writing them down on paper are important first steps so that a business can be launched successfully. Having a business plan forces you to review every angle of the business idea, from your value proposition, marketing assumptions, to operational and financial planning.

2. Ignoring the market overviews

When starting a new business, you need to make sure there is a market to whom you can offer services or products. Imagine devoting time and money into a new business just to find out people are not interested in what you offer. Although it may seem complicated, understanding the market and why it is important will eliminate confusion and manage a growing business for the long term.

Here are some questions that need to be considered when determining the market: Who is your main competitor? How long have they been in the business? Is this business going well? What is the price charged by other businesses for similar products or services that you offer? Where are your main prospects?

3. Ignoring what the customers want

It’s not enough to assume that your business idea is good. Your customers must also think so. In order to succeed in a new business, you must invest in the target business audience and, like the market, know them well.

Ignoring their desires will put you on the fast track to failure. However, if you understand what they are looking for, you will gain trust from them and open the secret key to converting them from prospects to customers.

4. Ignoring the marketing and advertising

After understanding the market and getting to know the target audience, you must promote your new business to attract potential customers. Although it doesn’t have to be big, your business must have a marketing and advertising budget. When generating income, you can expand your budget in this area and focus on strategies that are better and targeted to grow your business.

5. Being inadaptive to changes

Business trend changes over time, and we call it the industrial revolution. Today, we are facing the 4th industrial revolution. Businesses in this era are marked with the integration of the Internet. In order to accelerate your business, make your business go digital. Choose the most suitable platform for your business acceleration needs.

6. Having insufficient funding

Another business acceleration need is an allocation of funding. Many MSMEs quit from expanding their business because of the absence of business fund. The difficulties of accessing loan have hindered MSME actors from growing their business.

There are ways to gain business fund, but there won’t be any funding if you don’t have proper financial records of your businesses as the collateral. Tokoin can assist MSME actors in creating proper financial records of business transactions.

By combining a digital identity and a digital ledger, Tokoin will be able to help MSMEs access credit scoring services. With this proper technology implementation, Tokoin facilitates MSMEs in recording every transaction as a set of data that can be used to comply with the requirement for financial transparency. This technology provides MSMEs with valuable assets which help them embrace economic inclusion.

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