PoS Consensus Makes Data Distribution Simpler and Safer

Tokoin.io – Back in 2011, the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) was introduced in crypto forums and has since become the currently most popular and widely used problem-solving algorithm. Proof-of-Stake algorithms attain consensus by demanding users to stake a number of their tokens to validate blocks of transactions and get rewarded by doing so. This activity is also known as crypto-mining.

In this mining algorithm, a miner (node) needs to put at ‘stake’ in an amount of crypto-currency to be able to verify a block. The number of blocks a single node can validate depends on the number of coins being staked. In other words, one can only validate as many transactions as the number of coins he/she has in his/her wallet.

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Lima Tahapan Berkontribusi di Tokoin, Ayo Bergabung Sekarang!

Tokoin.io –  Pre Sale ICO akan segera dimulai. Untuk membantu Anda bergabung sebagai kontributor Tokoin, berikut ini adalah langkah-langkah untuk berpartisipasi dalam Tokoin Pre Sale dan Public Sale.

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Understanding MSMEs’ Funding Problems

Tokoin.io – As one of the main pillars of national economic development, MSMEs play an important role in a country’s economy. In developing countries, on average, 40-60% of their Gross National Product (GDP) and employment is supported by the MSME sectors. However, although they contribute significantly to the national income, quite many MSME players actually fail to become sustainable in facing funding problems.

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Strategic Solutions For Crucial Cooperative Issues

As an economic entity which comprises a group of people who aspire to achieve the common benefit and uphold the principle of equal rights to all members, a cooperative essentially works to provide self-help and mutual help for its members to attain profitable investment. The membership is by nature voluntary, meaning that the cooperative does not restrict membership and stands against any social, political, or religious discrimination. Anyone who fits the condition and qualification set by the cooperative by law can be a member if he/she is committed to the responsibilities.

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Tahapan Membuat MetaMask Crypto-wallet

Tokoin.io – Tidak sabar menunggu Public Sale? Sebelum Public Sale diumumkan, sudahkan Anda mempersiapkan media penyimpan TOKO (Token Tokoin) Anda? Didesain agar kompatibel dengan Ethereum, maka sebaiknya Anda membuat crypto-wallet yang Ether-compatible atau ERC-20.

Salah satu crypto-wallet yang kompatibel dengan jenis ERC-20 yang bisa Anda pilih adalah MetaMask. Berikut langkah-langkah membuat crypto-wallet lewat platform MetaMask .

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Steps of Making a MetaMask Crypto-wallet 


Tokoin.io – Can’t wait for Public Sale? Before the Public Sale was announced, have you prepared your storage store Token? Designed to be compatible with Ethereum, we recommend that you make an Ether-compatible crypto-wallet.

One of the crypto-wallets that is compatible with Ethereum that you can choose is MetaMask. Following are the steps to make crypto-wallet through the MetaMask platform.

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MSMEs and Co-operatives: Kinship and Affinity

Image source: pitapos.com

Tokoin.io – Developing countries in today’s world are currently experiencing a surge of the fast-changing emerging markets. Traditional economic models have started to be left behind. The economic order and the system of exchanging information and business transactions are done online and digitally. Subsequently, business categorization expands, and the form of economic organization is based on market-oriented economies.

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Continue Its Introduction, Tokoin Took in Participation on Binance Meet-up

Tokoin.io – Aiming at supporting MSMEs to get more access in accelerating their businesses, Tokoin set out to introduce its platform and aspirations for MSMEs on the global scale.

On April 6, 2019, Tokoin took part in Jakarta’s Binance Meet-up and gave a short seminar to share Tokoin’s aspirations for MSMEs to the international audience. To efficiently demonstrate the application of our business model, Tokoin was represented by Mutia Rachmi, Tokoin’s Project Manager at that time.

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Blockchain Brings the Truest Peer-to-Peer Interactions in the Sharing Economy

The industrial revolution has liberated human beings from dependency on animals’ power, and mass production is no longer a myth as digital capabilities are leveling up among billions of people. Then what’s next?

Now we arrived at the gate of the 4th industrial revolution, or commonly known as the Industry 4.0. This phase represents a combination of cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things, and the Internet system itself. In brief, machines are integrated with the Web connectivity and systems which can visualize the entire production chain.

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