Have you prepared your crypto-wallet to store your TOKO Token? Designed to be compatible with Ethereum, we recommend that you make an ERC20-compatible crypto-wallet.

One of the crypto-wallets that is compatible with Ethereum that you can choose is My Ether Wallet. Following are the steps to make crypto-wallet through the

Enter a strong password and click “ create new wallet “

Store your Private Key. Click “Download Keystore File (UTC/JSON)”

Once the Keystore File has been downloaded, click “I understand. Continue.”

You can also save or write down your private key

Click “Save your address”

Now, to see your address, upload your private key. To do so, click “Keystore File (UTC / JSON)”

Upload your Keystore file.

Enter your password and click “Unlock”

Once your wallet is unlocked, you can scroll down to see all details. Including the wallet address which you’ll need in order to send ETH from the exchange.

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PoS Consensus Making the Data Distribution Simpler and Safer – Back in 2011, the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) was introduced through the crypto forum in solving problems of the current most popular algorithm in use. Proof-of-Stake algorithms attain consensus by demanding users to stake a number of their tokens to validate blocks of transactions and get rewarded by doing so. This activity is also known as crypto-mining.

In this mining algorithm, a miner (node) needs to put at ‘stake’ an amount of cryptocurrency to be able to verify a block. The number of blocks a single node can validate depends on the number of coins is staking. In other words, you can only validate as many transactions as the number of coins you have in your wallet.

Since the cryptocurrencies introduced as the fully automated domain, securing and verification of transactions is a fundamental factor which facilitates the functioning of the cryptocurrency system. Verifying every bit of information is mandatory to make sure that invalid blocks don’t get into the system.

Through this application of PoS consensus, it will also able to resolve issues related to costs. That is to say, within the implementation of PoS, it will eventually triggering honest miners. What they function as a validator in the system. So, later these honest validators can spend lower costs to operate the system. Whereas, precisely the attacker will incur higher costs to launch the attack.

This type of consensus is arguably safe, since it is more resistant to some threats such as the 51% attack. For example, if there is someone who has an ill intention of a blockchain project, in order to sabotage the project, they would need to firstly acquire 51% of its blockchain coins to do so.

This action would be impractical to accomplish in PoS since not only difficult to accomplish, it also too expensive to acquire 51% of the tokens. However, if the attacker is successful in that and then decides to hack the system, then they would be the one who suffers the biggest loss, since they are the majority stakeholder.

By making the mining process way simpler and less demanding, the PoS has enhanced the growing popularity of the cryptocurrencies and its usage. Moreover, this consensus has also made the process safer by reducing the threat of attacks.

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5 Steps to Contribute in Tokoin Flash Sale – Our Pre Sale is starting in a few hours! Mark your calendar, set your alarm because the Flash Sale is on limited time only.

Keep reading to find the tutorial to contribute our Token flash sale. The Flash Sale will start on April 24, 2019, 11.00AM (UTC+07:00). This is your only chance to get special price for early bird.

These are the steps to join the flash sale.

1. First, you need to own Ethereum to be exchanged with the TOKO Token. You can purchase Ethereum through the crypto exchange such as Binance or Bittrex.

2. Make sure you use ERC20 supported wallet. We highly recommend MyEtherWallet or MetaMask.

3. Install the MetaMask or MyEtherWallet for desktop or mobile app. Send your Ethereum from exchange wallet into your MyEtherWallet or MetaMask account.

4. Follow the KYC process in Successful KYC will generate the notification email for you.

5. Back to your MetaMask or MyEtherWallet account, to send Ethereum to Tokoin Wallet Address with these following steps:

5.1. Choose “Send Ether&Token” in the menu. Unlock your wallet with the JSON file and your password or with Private Key

5.2. Enter the Tokoin token sale address from the website

5.3. Enter the amount of transfer

5.4. Set the gas limit to 200.000

5.5. Click generate the transaction

Things To Remember

Please read carefully the step number 3. Do not send Ethereum from your exchange account, but only from personal crypto wallet such as MyEtherWallet or Metamask.

Make sure to send your Ethereum to the official Tokoin wallet address that is already sent to your email from Tokoin. Do not use any other wallet address sent to you by email or chat message.

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Lima Tahapan Berkontribusi di Tokoin, Ayo Bergabung Sekarang! –  Pre Sale ICO akan segera dimulai. Untuk membantu Anda bergabung sebagai kontributor Tokoin, berikut ini adalah langkah-langkah untuk berpartisipasi dalam Tokoin Pre Sale dan Public Sale.

1) Untuk membeli TOKO token, langkah pertama adalah Anda harus memiliki Ethereum. Lakukan pembelian Ethereum melalui bursa aset crypto atau crypto exchange seperti Indodax, Binance, Bittrex dan lain-lain.

2) Pastikan Anda menyimpan Ethereum di crypto wallet yang mendukung ERC20. Kami sangat menganjurkan untuk menggunakan MyEtherWallet atau MetaMask.

3) Install aplikasi MyEtherWallet atau MetaMask melalui desktop app atau ikuti tutorialnya di sini. Kirim Ethereum dari wallet akun crypto exchange ke MyEtherWallet atau MetaMask Anda.

4) Selanjutnya, lakukan proses KYC di Jika proses KYC sukses, Tokoin akan mengarahkan Anda untuk mengirimkan Ethereum ke wallet address Tokoin via email. Tokoin akan mengirimkan official Tokoin wallet address ke email Anda.

5) Kembali ke Metamask atau MyEtherWallet Anda, lalu kirim Ethereum ke wallet address Tokoin.

  1. Pilih “Send Ether&Token” pada menu. Unlock wallet Anda dengan JSON file dan password atau private key Anda.
  2. Masukkan Tokoin token wallet address yang Anda terima melalui email.
  3. Masukkan jumlah Ethereum yang ingin Anda transfer
  4. Masukkan gas limit 200.000.
  5. Klik tombol generate transaction.

Hanya dalam beberapa saat, TOKO token akan masuk ke wallet Anda.

Hal yang Harus Diingat

Langkah nomor 3 di atas adalah hal penting yang harus diingat, yaitu jangan mengirimkan Ethereum melalui wallet exchange Anda, tetapi kirimkan dari MyEtherWallet atau MetaMask Anda.

Pastikan Anda hanya mengirimkan Ethereum melalui official Tokoin wallet address yang kami kirimkan ke email Anda. Jangan mengirimkan wallet address yang dikirimkan orang lain melalui email lain atau chat message.

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Understanding MSME Funding Problems – As one of the main pillars of national economic development, MSME holds an important role in its country’s economy. Developing countries on average are being supported by 40 to 60% of their Gross National Product (GDP) and employment from the MSME sectors. However, although they contribute a phenomenal contribution to the national income, not a few MSME players who actually failed to become sustainable in facing their funding problem.

There are more than 400 Millions MSME in the developing countries, acquiring more than 90% of the world’s businesses. Forty percent among them still had difficulty in accessing business assistance from various financial institutions. They are constrained by the requirements for the credibility of the business. And it’s still happening today because they can’t provide a complete record of the financial transaction.

In order to grow more flourish, MSME needs an adequate level of finance. Recent IFC jobs study confirmed that access to finance is one of the top three factors preventing businesses from growing and generating employment in developing countries[1]. Whilst it’s an important factor for all sizes of business, for MSMEs it’s the most critical thing in order to grow.

In solving this problem, the financial institution holds a crucial role to play in improving access to finance. They need to be able to channel the capital to specific target markets which are underserved, including SMEs, micro clients, or customers in rural areas.

The MSME also need to improve their credibility in order to be trusted to claim any credit as funding. All this time, the improper financial records of the MSME hinder them to access any funding. Neither from the financial institutions nor the insurance services.

An important focal point of prior recognition on MSME condition[2] is to understand their dependence on credit and cash flow. MSMEs face numerous obstacles in borrowing funds because they are small, less diversified, and have weaker financial structures.

Indications that MSMEs are financially constrained are: payment delays on receivables, declining liquidity, and an increase in MSME insolvencies and bankruptcies. Besides the market signals that make MSME sector firms unfavourable borrowers, MSME firms find it difficult to provide high-quality collateral at all times or ensure transparency to their creditworthiness[3].

Aims to provide a platform to build creditworthiness, Tokoin brings together the convenient “meet the needs” between Tokoin’s users and partners(financial institutions, insurance, property business, etc).

As a platform that leveraging blockchain technology to establish Valid identity and reputation of MSMEs, Tokoin implements digital identity and digital ledger to build MSMEs credit scoring services, to increase MSME’s economic scale.

Tokoin developed as the distributed ledger of the transaction, works as a platform to facilitate the distribution of information between the Tokoin users by creating a distributed database, the data information that is distributed in acts as a valuable asset and Blockchain acts as a system that secures the data.

This ecosystem will be built a transparent financial record as the growth of the velocity of its users, all the stakeholders can use the value of their digital activities to set their credibility in order to build their creditworthiness.

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Image source: PD Pasar Jaya

Strategic Solution For Crucial Cooperative Issues

As an economic entity which comprises a group of people with the common benefit yet upheld the principle of equal rights to all members, cooperative is essentially work to provide self-help and mutual help as a service in helping its members economy to attain profitable investment. Moreover, the members of cooperatives joined on voluntarism which means that the cooperative as organization does not restrict membership and the contribution by any social, political or religious discrimination. Anyone who fits the condition and qualification that are set by the cooperative by law can be a  member if they are committed to the responsibility.

Cooperative, from the social perspective aims to escalate the people’s economic activity as its objective is to provide goods and services in order to open more opportunity in increasing their business productivity,  purchasing power and growth potential, or facilitating them to build investment. In Indonesia, the principal of the cooperative are fellowship and mutual aid. The development of cooperation is always intended and directed to the importance of the people of Indonesia, especially the people with low income and poor people, so they are able to get the aid and financial assistance, to improve the quality of life. Cooperative is hoped to be the growth agency also for the small business under the categorization of Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME).

According to Indonesian republic of Ministry of Cooperative and MSME, in 2018, 138.140 units of cooperatives were registered, dropped from the amount in 2014 which was 212.570 units. The reduction was the result of the Total Reformation of Cooperation that dispersed inactive, stagnant and disreputable cooperative organization. The total reformation of cooperatives is aimed to improve the quality of the organization itself in order to gain quality improvement rather than quantity. Despite the number of existing units, cooperatives only contribute 4 percent to the national gross domestic value.

In this condition, layered issus hindered the competitiveness of Indonesian cooperatives. Both external and internal issues are crucial and affecting the growth of cooperative as business organization. Commodities are always increasing, and the production cost changing from time to time. Most of the players in the cooperatives organizations are still operating in the micro and slamm sectors. They face the pressure of competition with large enterprises that produce their commodity with more ideal facilities and services, thus lower production cost and larger marketing channels. Meanwhile, it is still difficult for cooperatives to earn additional working capital.

Many cases that come up to the public about the scamming and manipulation to the fund collected from the cooperation customer are also complicate the image of cooperation. Public are concerned and doubtful on joining a cooperative. On December 2018, The Authority of Financial Services handled 11 cases of investment fraud. Those 11 cases are already operating for three years, causing more than 9 trillions rupiahs loss.

Unfortunately, the public’s understanding and awareness are still low while the expectancy of earning fast and easy funding is high. Regulacy, control and supervision from legit authorities are important as the custodian for the sake of the public.This situation is highly disadvantageous for the genuine cooperatives to obtain trust from the public and prospective partner. They might also need a legit and valid proof to gain better recognition. A valid reputation is needed to generate valuable network and partnership in the bigger ecosystem so that the cooperative and the member can earn bigger benefit economically. The more partnership with prevailing institutions that they build, the more reliable their reputation as a business organization.

Tokoin is present to “meet the needs” of Tokoin’s users and partners (financial institutions, insurance, property business, etc). Through the idea of accelerating the MSME, Tokoin opens up the membership opportunity for the MSME to build reputation digitally and accordingly.

Thus, Tokoin will facilitate both cooperatives and the MSME sectors to meet their needs. Through the Tokoin blockchain platform, MSME will be facilitated to solve their access credit problem, while cooperatives will be assisted with a trusted platform to build their digital ecosystem with an effective market solution.  

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Tahapan Membuat MetaMask Crypto-wallet – Tidak sabar menunggu Public Sale? Sebelum Public Sale diumumkan, sudahkan Anda mempersiapkan media penyimpan TOKO (Token Tokoin) Anda? Didesain agar kompatibel dengan Ethereum, maka sebaiknya Anda membuat crypto-wallet yang Ether-compatible atau ERC-20.

Salah satu crypto-wallet yang kompatibel dengan jenis ERC-20 yang bisa Anda pilih adalah MetaMask. Berikut langkah-langkah membuat crypto-wallet lewat platform MetaMask .

Langkah 1: Instal MetaMask di browser Anda (https://metamask .io/). Kami menyarankan Anda menggunakan Google Chrome. Tahap pertama MetaMask akan meminta Anda untuk menginstall “Chrome Extension”.

Get Chrome extension
Add to Chrome
Click Get Started
Click Create Wallet
Click I Agree

Langkah 2: Buat password.

Langkah 3: setelah pembuatan password selesai dilakukan, system akan mengirimkan frasa kalimat yang terdiri dari 12 kata acak sebagai secret backup phrase Anda. Perhatikan imbauan untuk jangan sampai kehilangan secret backup phrase tersebut. Sebab, jika hilang, siapa pun yang memiliki secret backup phrase tersebu dapat mengakses ether Anda.

Anda harus men-tab kolom transparan untuk membuka Backup Phrase
Backup Phrase berhasil Anda buka
Susun kata-kata yang teracak menjadi urutan backup phrase yang benar
Selamat, wallet berhasil dibuat

Langkah 4: Pastikan Anda berada di ‘Main Ethereum Network’. Perhatikan bahwa jika ada tanda ‘centang’ di sebelah ‘Main Ethereum Network’, maka proses pembuatan crypto-wallet Anda baik-baik saja!

Jika kalian bertanya-tanya di mana PRIVATE KEY Anda disimpan, atau bagaimana cara mendapatkan PRIVATE KEY Anda, Anda dapat menemukannya dengan mengklik ‘tiga titik’ di sisi kanan nama dompet Anda. Anda akan menemukan ‘Detail Account’, pilih opsi tersebut maka Anda akan menemukan opsi ekspor, bersamaan dengan pemindaian eter, dan kode QR.

Ingat, penting untuk mengekspor PRIVATE KEY Anda sendirian. Jangan biarkan orang lain memiliki PRIVATE KEY Anda, atau Anda kehilangan PRIVATE KEY Anda. Sebab, begitu Anda kehilangan PRIVATE KEY Anda, itu berarti Anda juga kehilangan aset ether Anda.

Steps of Making a MetaMask Crypto-wallet – Can’t wait for Public Sale? Before the Public Sale was announced, have you prepared your storage store Token? Designed to be compatible with Ethereum, we recommend that you make an Ether-compatible crypto-wallet.

One of the crypto-wallets that is compatible with Ethereum that you can choose is MetaMask. Following are the steps to make crypto-wallet through the MetaMask platform.

Step 1: Install the MetaMask in your browser (https: // metamask .io /). We recommend that you use Google Chrome. The first stage of MetaMask will ask you to install “Chrome Extension”.

Get Chrome extension
Add to Chrome extension
Click ‘Get Started’
Click “Create Wallet”
click “i Agree”

Step 2: Create a password.

Step 3: after the password is finished, the system will send a sentence phrase consisting of 12 random words as your ‘secret backup phrase’. Pay attention to the call not to lose the ‘secret backup phrase’. Because, if it is lost, anyone who has ‘secret backup phrase’ can access your ether.

You need to tab the shady box to reveal the ‘backup phrases’
Do not forget your 12 words arrangement as your ‘Backup Phrases’
arange your backup phrases

Step 4: Congratulations! Your Wallet is set! Make sure you are on ‘Main Ethereum Network’. Note that if there is a ‘check’ icon next to ‘Main Ethereum Network’, the process of making your crypto-wallet is fine!

If you guys are wondering where do your PRIVATE KEY is stored, or how to get your PRIVATE KEY exported, you can find it by clicking the ‘three dots’ at the right-side of the wallet’s name and you will find ‘Account Detail’, pick this option then you will be directed to the export option, along with ether scan, and QR code.

Remember, it is important to export your PRIVATE KEY, alone. Do not let others have your PRIVATE KEY, or you lost your PRIVATE KEY. because once you lost your PRIVATE KEY, means that you are also losing your ether asset.

MSME and Co-operative, Kinship and Affinity

Image source: – The developing countries in today’s world is currently experiencing a surge of the fast changing emerging market. Traditional economic model are started to left behind. The economic order and the system of exchanging information and business transactions are done online and digitally. Subsequently, the business categorization expands and the form of economic organization are based on market oriented economies.

The components of the economic system, decision making structures that determine the resources, production process, allocation of the output are targeted to the specific segmentation or region, to minimize the production cost and to optimize the market absorption and consumption. Large enterprises are more sustainable in this economic condition. Due to the stability of the collateral asset, larger enterprises are more likely to repay the loans that they take out. Banks trust them more because they have the collateral to secure the loan and to guarantee that banks still have the revenue of loaned amount of money.

On the contrary, the smaller business enterprise, known as the MSME, commonly known as the abbreviation for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises are still struggling to find a proper loan, or to fulfil the requirement of the loan. Even many MSME still feel that the requirement is still too complicated and take too much time. Formal financial institutions, banks for example, still hold to the general assumption that small scale MSME which are still operating in the informal sector, are not legitimate enough, do not have the proper legal documents and are not likely to repay the loan.

Indonesian government outlines MSME along with cooperative under the Ministry of Cooperatives and SME. According to a survey conducted in 2011, more than 55.2 millions of MSME unit had absorbed 101.7 millions of laborers. These MSME unit are spread all over the 34 provinces of the country, improving the standard of living of people in rural areas and narrowing the economic gap between the wealthy and the poor. Another important role of the MSME is to provide the stability of foreign exchange. In 2017, as MSME has reached international market, MSME contributed 88.45 millions rupiah of foreign exchange, with 8 times increase from the previous year, 2016.

Cooperative, according to Act 25 of 1992 is a form of business organization and its members, the people or entities, base their economic activities on the values and principles of cooperative and also as the economic movement by the people which based on the kinship system. In its implementation, MSME is the proposed member of cooperative. It is anticipated that cooperative system is suitable for the operation of MSME. Especially, cooperative as credit union that provide credit services as small business oriented. The community based network has become the channel for MSME to earn the People’s Business Credit (KUR), an affordable loan provided by the government intended to develop the MSME sector.

Together with the cooperative organization, Tokoin is present as the digital way in the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, to accelerate the MSME. Through the idea of accelerating the MSME
Tokoin connects MSME with the financial business institutions that facilitate MSME in terms of the business operation. Through the Tokoin blockchain platform, MSME will be facilitated to increase the efficiency of business operations by building the valuable partnership, while the prevailing business institutions will be assisted with promising and qualified clients, which is the MSME affiliated to the cooperative.

Digitizing MSME is an effective way to bring out more potency of the MSME. Engaging them to the emerging market opens up more opportunities to increase the economic growth of the country. Tokoin aims to facilitate both ways mutually through the utilization of blockchain technology.

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Continue Its Introduction, Tokoin Took in Participation on Binance Meet-up – Willing to support MSMEs to get easier access in accelerating their businesses, Tokoin conducts an agenda to introduce its platform to show-and-tell the world about the aspiration of Tokoin for the MSME in the global scale.

April 6, 2019 yesterday, Tokoin visiting Binance Jakarta Meet Up to gave a short seminar, sharing Tokoin’s aspiration of the MSME for a global scheme. To efficiently demonstrate the application of our business model, Tokoin is presented by Mutia Rachmi, Tokoin Project Manager.

The business concept that TOKOIN offers to the global public and audiences covers important global economic issues in the vastly developed era. TOKOIN target user and market, MSME, is one of the biggest economic driving forces in developing countries. For instance, MSME in Indonesia contributes 60.3% of revenues from Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and 97% of the national labor.

MSME is one of the significant sectors globally, with more than 400 millions existing businesses. currently, the majority of MSME operated in developing countries; TOKOIN presents to manifest solutions to ease the burden MSME have from the actual problems, by utilizing blockchain technology for data distribution and tokenization reward. The solutions from TOKOIN will be carried out properly with business partners from financial institutions who share the same vision to accelerate MSME development.

In reality, MSME businesses often find it difficult to accelerate their business. Lack of access to funding from financial institutions or insurance often hinders them from developing their business. They often get refusal when applying for a bank loan and other financial institutions. Banks who provides commercial loans prefer to allocate their resources to larger firms rather than MSMEs. According to banks, higher default risks, lack of financial transparency, and lack of assets for a mortgage are the major factors for not providing loans to SMEs.

Aim to support the industrial sector with the targeted utilization of its use-cases, Tokoin carries missions to help MSMEs who often find it difficult to grow their business. Tokoin brings together the convenient “meets the needs” between Tokoin’s users and partners (financial institutions, insurance, property business, etc).

Due to this, Tokoin aims to solve the problem by offering a platform that provides easy access for MSME to accelerate. As a platform that leveraging blockchain technology to establish Valid identity and reputation of MSMEs.

As a platform that leveraging blockchain technology to establish Valid identity and reputation of MSMEs, Tokoin implements digital identity and digital ledger to build MSMEs credit scoring services, to increase MSME’s economic scale. This will become a solution that allowing TOKOIN users to build a trust-able profile with security for all stakeholders in the ecosystem.

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