Coffee Aficionados and The Hustling Development of MSME

In a busy town, such as Jakarta, it seems like there is no quiet time under the daylight. Like this one afternoon when the rain is pouring over the city, rushing vehicles are still roaming on the road. Budi’s coffee shop is also part of the city’s persevering entities. Coffee aficionados are always curious and enthusiastic about his coffee recipe or brewing methods, so his barista is assigned to be the frontman at his coffee shop, serving inquisitive customers with a bright smile even when the weather is cloudy.

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Tokoin in Bloconomic 2019 – Following the success of the Flash Sale, Tokoin is intensively in preparation for the Public Sale phase, as well as concurrently running the global roadshow. On Thursday (25/4/19), Tokoin took part in the Bloconomic Excellence Award 2019 held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In fact, Malaysia is one of the countries where Tokoin aspires to build a solid community base to reach bigger successes in its public sale phase.

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How to Create ‘MyEtherWallet’

Have you got a crypto-wallet to store your TOKO Tokens? Worry not because ‘MyEtherWallet’, an ERC20-compatible crypto-wallet, is ready for you to use. Note that ‘MyEtherWallet’ is designed to be compatible with Ethereum.

Follow the steps below to create a crypto-wallet through the

Go to

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PoS Consensus Makes Data Distribution Simpler and Safer – Back in 2011, the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) was introduced in crypto forums and has since become the currently most popular and widely used problem-solving algorithm. Proof-of-Stake algorithms attain consensus by demanding users to stake a number of their tokens to validate blocks of transactions and get rewarded by doing so. This activity is also known as crypto-mining.

In this mining algorithm, a miner (node) needs to put at ‘stake’ in an amount of crypto-currency to be able to verify a block. The number of blocks a single node can validate depends on the number of coins being staked. In other words, one can only validate as many transactions as the number of coins he/she has in his/her wallet.

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Understanding MSMEs’ Funding Problems – As one of the main pillars of national economic development, MSMEs play an important role in a country’s economy. In developing countries, on average, 40-60% of their Gross National Product (GDP) and employment is supported by the MSME sectors. However, although they contribute significantly to the national income, quite many MSME players actually fail to become sustainable in facing funding problems.

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