Tokoin and TomoChain Team-Up to Focus on Possible Innovative Blockchain Solution

Tokoin, a digital platform dedicated to accelerate the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) businesses by building credit scoring through blockchain data distribution, today announced its partnership with Tomochain, a company focusing on building an efficient blockchain infrastructure for decentralized applications, token issuance and integration.

This agreement will lead to possible integration for Tokoin to build a scalable blockchain infrastructure provided by Tomochain, trustworthy by transparency and auditability, and fast and easy token integration. Tomochain is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine-based protocol, to generate the public chain as well as the private-chain, and the cross-chain token transfer.   

This partnership unison with Tomochain, an innovative solution into the scalable blockchain that will be able to support thousands of transactions per second is an anticipation to the wave of Internet of Value. Welly Salim, CTO of Tokoin stated that,

“In Tokoin, we have committed to choose the best protocol as our base. The chosen protocol has to be foolproof, scalable yet compatible with the best current SmartContract technology, Ethereum. That is the reason we are partnering with TomoChain because TomoChain is potentially able to fulfill all the qualifications. ”

Regarding this partnership declaration, Founder and CEO of TomoChain, Long Vuong stated that

“We are glad to work with Tokoin to explore possible integration of Tokoin’s platform on TomoChain. Via our conversation over months, we believe Tokoin is well-positioned in its segment in Indonesia, and South East Asia. The partnership will benefit both parties in many fronts over coming years.”

With this partnership, Tokoin can offer for MSME, the best of data storage and scalable credit scoring. Through decentralized application, MSME as users can rapidly store and partners can acquire trustworthy data, while at the same time freeing users from redundant tasks of uploading and maintaining data. By leveraging the power of automation, the process in the ecosystem can increase agility, easily access relevant data and the cross-chain token transfer can facilitate the journey to loan credit compliance with credit scoring.

About Tokoin:

Tokoin is a blockchain technology-based platform that establishes identity and reputation of MSMEs as an acceptable credibility scoring for suppliers and financial institutions. Tokoin provides digital infrastructure to build Digital Business Identity. Set of data containing KYC process, routine transactions, behavior records are stored in the Decentralized Ledger. Tokoin creates an ecosystem for the MSME to actualize their business operation and to utilize the data from their transaction as valuable asset. The valuable asset containing set of MSME data is appropriate as credit scoring to comply with business services requirement such as loan credit, logistic services, product sourcing and business insurance.

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Workshop Tokoin Talks: Creative Way to Align Business and Brand Strategy

Tokoin held a workshop themed business branding and marketing on Wednesday, May 29 2019 in WeWork CoWorking Space, Astra Tower, Jakarta. This workshop titled Creative Ways to Align Business and Brand Strategy attended by entrepreneurs, business executives and business owners. With this event Tokoin aims to form the competitiveness and better character of Indonesian MSME as part of the emerging markets

This workshop is also a prove that Tokoin participates also in accelerating the growth of MSME and Indonesian startup, this time specifically from the aspect of business branding and marketing.

The subject of this workshop was delivered by an expert in marketing and brand activation which has the experience in the startup industry, Jessica Carla.

According to Jessica, business players need a good preparation for branding strategy. With the continuously growing technology trend, this kind of workshop will help them in figuring out the most appropriate method of brand activation for their business brand. Jessica said that, “Branding and marketing are like the lyrics of a song. Lyrics help the listener to remember the song better. Lyrics also create a story in the heart of the listeners. Branding is a representation of how the customers see us. In a startup industry, there is a tendency to burn money, this method can be made effective with a unique and powerful branding strategy and targeted marketing which start by understanding what customers like best.”

In line with the mission to accelerate MSME, Mutia Rachmi, Project Manager of Tokoin said, “In Tokoin, we always work closely with the MSME players to identify the challenge in this digital era towards Fourth Industrial Revolution. In this workshop we actively invite MSME player and startup entrepreneurs to creatively make innovations to accelerate their business.”

Tokoin realised that MSME is actively contributing to the country’s economy. This forum created by Tokoin is essential to invite more relevant parties to actively take part and actively involved to support and educate MSME for a better acceleration.

Business Concern, An Emphasis in Data Record

“Welcome to Cafe Budi! Oh hey, Jelita! I see you’ve brought a friend.”

Greeted with a warm smile and friendly greeting, Jelita introduced her friend to Budi.

“Hello, Bud. This is Ani, a friend of mine who also runs a business, an online shop.”

“Ani, well that’s a pretty name, also an easy one to remember. Nice to meet you, I’m Budi, at your service. May I take your order now?”

“We’d like two Kopi Susu, please.”

“It will be ready in just a moment.”

After the door opens and the brass bell rings,  that’s how Budi always greet each of his visitors, slightly bowing and with a friendly smile offering them to order. That way, the customers are well acknowledged, to create a familiar atmosphere for the customer. As mostly, coffee shops and cafes like Budi’s utilize this aspect to maintain their customers.

Having a close relation with his customers is very important, while still have to synchronously keeping track with the whole business operation. Budi realizes that he needs to be very efficient and very strategic so that he does not lose track of every issue that occurs. This requires a programmed system or infrastructure that is not only fast and easy to use, but also highly useful especially to record transactions and to monitor daily and periodic cash flow.

This record and monitoring system need solid security structure because the system is supposed to keep and distribute important and crucial data for the business. For businesses operations, important data such as everyday earnings, expenditures and inventory stocks are progressive data that are essential for decision making. This set of data are updated on a daily basis and require detailed information.

Treating this information carelessly is reducing data genuiness and validity. The data that contains critical business information can be changed easily and susceptible to be manipulated, and abused when hacked. Keeping the data in a manual ledger also risky in miscalculation, and this kind of method takes a long time to process, and more papers mean extra storage space and are more prone to damage. An offline excel sheet might be faster in calculating, but it does not keep the data from damage, error and lost.

Blockchain technology for a Digital Distributed Ledger like the one that is being developed in Tokoin offers the solution to the problems. The data information are kept safe in the ecosystem in an encrypted form. The ecosystem participants also validates the decentralized data distributions, thus keeping the data unhackable.

Tokoin also offers the service that is called Digital Business Identity, a business reputation profile for businesses like Budi’s. With the Digital Business Identity acts as data custodian, that reserve the data to be utilized by the data owner. Tokoin creates a credit scoring system that rewards every data stored in the blockchain with tokenized point rewards.

The more data stored means more point rewards for the data provider, in this case, the business owners. The accumulated point rewards guarantee the business reputation and credibility which means, the more credible the business, the more it is attractive for business service providers such a banks with credit loans and insurance companies with business insurance. This is the vision of Tokoin, to create a modern business ecosystem that supports financial inclusion through the utilisation of blockchain technology.

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From Coffee Cultivation to Coffee Cup, A Wisdom Captured

“Do these people know where they coffee come from, until it is poured on their cup or tumbler, warm and fragrant, ready to be sipped to fuel their mind, body and soul for the rest of the day?”

That’s what the barista mostly think when the coffee is being handed to the customer. When the customer’s turn to the barista and ask more about the coffee, that is when the barista feel more on the beam to articulate the story behind the coffee.

Coffee is perishable. Coffee beans will start to lose freshness gradually after they got roasted. The best time to consume the coffee after the process is about a month for coffee beans and two weeks for ground coffee. The grains of grounded coffee is more sensitive to moisture, heat, air and light is easier for them to lose its freshness, flavors and aroma.

To serve the best coffee for the customers, the barista survey the coffee farmers in Java and Bali. They are connected with many coffee farmers and coffee bean production, as their supplier who provide them with high quality coffee every week. The farming system in Bali is exceptionally notable, as most of the farmers adopt organic cultivation process which refrain the use of synthetic chemical fertilisers, pesticides in order to harvest the fully organic coffee berries.

In West Java, there is this network of Puslikoka or Pusat Penelitian Kopi dan Kakao (Indonesian Coffee and Cocoa Research Institute) which regularly conduct the research and training agenda to enrich the local coffee farmers about the importance of high quality coffee cultivation. Indonesian coffee are acknowledged among the best coffee in the world and Indonesian coffee farmers are also recognized as the crucial players in the coffee industry.

The MSME sector in emerging markets such as Indonesia is also includes the agricultural sector. According to the Agricultural Ministry of Indonesian Republic, in 2018 the local coffee production reached 674.636 tons, increased only 1% from 2017. The productivity level had grown in stagnant because most of the land areas, including the coffee trees are aged and the land fertility has dropped.

To significantly increase the productivity, repopulation is also needed to reduce the tree gaps and intensify the cultivation. Meanwhile, the funds from the Regional Development Budget is still low. Around Rp1,63 trillions distributed to the total commodity land all across Indonesia of 1.25 million hectares. This budget is addressed to the land rejuvenation and farm revitalization.

This part of MSME in Indonesia, the agriculture MSME sector is often heavy ladened with stereotypes that says the farmers are uneducated workers while actually this is a total assumption and uncalled for as they have high standards for their land and farming method. These are the potential of Indonesian agriculture that still have much bigger opportunities to expand and develop. This assumption has outgrown because the farmers do not have a proper bargain position. Their coffee are sold at a very low price, while in fact, after their coffee beans reach export market the price goes way up to four times higher.

So now that the farmers are already have mastered their method and system to produce high quality coffee, regular buyers like Budi’s cafe and even global market, they still lack the reputation to make their whole farming business is recognizable in the mainstream industry that they production is matter and impactful. There should be an infrastructure to facilitate the reputation building of small businesses. An infrastructure that is trusted, validated and efficient to be implied in the business operation. Maintaining the process is essential, and the infrastructure should be able to capture all the important aspects and compile it in a measurable way, a ledger.

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Coffee Aficionados and The Hustling Progress of MSME

In a busy town such as Jakarta, it seems like there are no quiet time under the daylight. Like this one afternoon, even when the rain pours over the city, the rushing vehicles are still roaming on the road. Budi’s coffee shop is also part of the city’s persevering entities. Coffee aficionados are always curious and enthusiastic about the coffee recipe or brewing methods, so his Barista is the frontman of the coffee shop, who do the work of serving inquisitive customers with a bright smile even when the weather is cloudy.

This is the uniqueness of small businesses like Budi’s. They connect with people. They have to be ready to customize the order based on the customer’s preferences, whether it is cream or milk and a V60 or a pour over. The friendliness is one of the key microskills that Budi and the team were looking for, so they came across a friend of them who is a master of coffee and a person who is affectionate when communicating with people. This brings Budi’s coffee house as a small business that opens up more opportunities in its environment.

The emergence of small businesses including in emerging market is one of the expected sectors to upturn the job creation. According to the Workshop and Stakeholders Consultation on Enhancing MSMEs Financing of 2019 in Cambodia which was held by the United Nation organization, Economic and Social Commission for the Asia Pacific (UNESCAP), micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) constitute the largest number of companies and they make a significant contribution to economic growth and job creation across countries in Asia and the Pacific(1).

This is the contribution from MSME to the global demand of job creation. Currently, MSME is accounted for the 60 to 70 percent of total employment(2). Especially for arising MSME that are based on the part of the globe with rich cultural background and the huge potential of the hospitality industry, micro skills are seen as an important challenge to be incorporated in the business process. This will bring up the chance of building trust and connection from the market and subsequently leading to the significant trust from the industry as highly potential to develop and prosper.

Now if the MSME businesses like Budi’s coffee shop has this potential be recognized and supported within the environment, which ecosystem are able to assist its progress? The major government organizations and mainstream institutions has been preparing and anticipating this potential so the MSME has got to be ready as well to adapt for the change and challenge. The question is, how and in what method can the MSME comply to the global and valid standards?


Image credit: Fikry Azda Din, the winner of INDONESIA AEROPRESS CHAMPIONSHIP 2018 (photo from

Starting Cafe Business of Your Own as an MSME

The chairs have been set up. The tables are sparkly clean. After the scent of freshly brewed coffee lingers in the air, and the small lamp lights up the stacks of fresh croissants and bread in the display case, the sign is flipped to “Open”.

Behind the cafe counter, Budi the guy who flipped the “open” sign, is ready to welcome his first customer this morning. His special menu for today is the Kintamani single origin coffee paired with srikaya croissant which the special ingredients are supplied from the local farmer in Yogyakarta and Bali. His customers are going to be pampered with sweetness and light coffee today.

Depending on the day, the business is always up to something. Whether it’s picking up groceries supply, office appliances, cleaning supplies and other things to maintain the cafe is clean and presentable, and also the menu is keep rotating everyday. Budi works alongside his team, including his barista and his patissier everyday to keep testing the menu, and gaining an understanding of their costumer’s preferences. This way, as a business they keep making innovation.

A couple of months ago, Budi opened the cafe with the startup cost for a cafe of 50M rupiah. With 5 of his friends as his staff, Budi manages the cafe located in South Jakarta, where college students usually find a place in the afternoon with a good wifi connection and indie music playing in the background and middle-aged worker hangs out after working hours with chilled modern jazz. This ambience is also part of the plan as startup ideas for a cafe.

Based on Act no. 20 year 2008, in Indonesia, businesses such as Budi’s cafe is classified as MSME; “Criteria for Small Business are as follows: a. have a net worth of more than Rp 50,000,000 (fifty million rupiahs) up to a maximum of Rp. 500,000,000.00 (five hundred million rupiahs) excluding land and buildings for business premises.”

In Indonesia, businesses like Budi’s is one of the 59.2 millions of currently operating MSME. These businesses still have many potential to be tapped in as a part of the emerging market, because they are keep growing each year, and the number increases from time to time. But how are they going to sustain and expand in the environment? What aspects need to be improved and supported to gain bigger business opportunities?

Keep on following the journey of Budi’s cafe to know more about the nitty gritty of cafe startup business and MSME business. See you on the next episode!

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Tokoin Bounty Widget is Back Again!

The first round of Tokoin Growth Engine Challenge by Refereum has ended. We thank you so much for all of you who had participated. Currently, we are still compiling and processing the result, please be patient and we will be back with the good news soon!

For those of you who haven’t participated Tokoin Growth Engine Challenge by Refereum is still moving to the second round of the program! You can head to to find the widget floating on your screen, register your account and complete the task.

We will remind you of the rules that you need to follow to proceed in this reward program.

1) The email you registered on Refereum must be the same as the email you registered on Tokoin in order to receive reward tokens.
2) Campaigns run on a monthly basis
3) The rewards will be distributed within 4 weeks of the conclusion of the campaign.
4) Withdrawal time can be changed due to market situations.
5) Any suspicious or abnormal activities/transactions will result in the removal of any points and banning from any subsequent campaigns.
6) If you are one of the winners, we may request your personal information/documents for tax purposes.
7) All rewards and prizes cannot be awarded if there is no sufficient information.

The progress of Tokoin Growth Engine Challenge by Refereum is always updated on the Refereum widget on the website Stay tuned on our web page and stay alert to get notified about the starting time of the second round of Tokoin Growth Engine Challenge by Refereum.

Tokoin in Bloconomic 2019 – After the success of the Flash Sale we are still intensively making preparation for our public sale phase. The global roadshow is still running as the part of it. Yesterday, on Thursday (25/4/19) Tokoin was a part of the Bloconomic Excellence Award 2019 held in Kuala lumpur Malaysia. In Malaysia, Tokoin aspires to build a solid community base to reach for bigger success in its public sale phase.

Especially in this event, Tokoin would like to articulate the importance and purpose of this project to blockchain enthusiasts, practitioners, executives and investors. We also aimed to build a partnership and gain contribution on the global scale by show-and-telling the world about the eagerness of Tokoin to accelerate the MSME in the global scheme.

Tokoin will also convey its true aspiration to assist the MSME accelerating in the emerging market. Addressing the current barrier of economic inclusion, Tokoin will allow the unbanked and unbankable MSME with a technological approach to the solution. Tokoin would like to articulate the project purpose to global audiences from all over the globe, including blockchain enthusiasts, practitioners and executives and also, prospective investors. Moving towards the Public Sale phase, participating in this event is also a strategic way to draw attention and spreading the presence of Tokoin to the public.

Designed to be a blockchain-based platform for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME), Tokoin facilitates partner MSME in establishing a credible business identity and excellent business reputation that secures their credibility scoring. With the security, immutability and trusted records in blockchain, MSME will be able to better run KYC and record & store business transactions in a digital ledger creating a valuable business asset.

Tokoin realizes that there are many sectors that are concerned with the MSME acceleration. Therefore, Tokoin also committed to create the business ecosystem that allows the prevailing institutions to provide their financial and business services for the MSME, as Tokoin partners.

Tokoin will facilitate MSME in establishing a valid business identity and good business reputation based on the credibility scoring. The adoption of blockchain technology will be appropriate as the data processing and distributions. With the security, immutability and trusted record in blockchain, MSME will be able to run the KYC efficiently and Tokoin will compile the KYC data permanently as the Digital Business Identity. Moreover, to advance the Digital Business ID, Tokoin will also provide the service for the MSME to record and store their business transaction in the blockchain network, as Digital Ledger which contain their data information as a valuable asset.

Those are the two main services from Tokoin, the Digital Business Identity and Digital Ledger that create the credibility scoring for the MSME. Thus in the aftermath, MSME with good credibility scoring are competent to comply with the requirements of loan credit, property credit, and other business services that are suitable for their business operation.

By taking this important role, Tokoin believes that the MSME will have more access to a richer and more prosperous economic opportunity. The business of MSME will increase, creating more job opportunities and narrowing the financial gap. Subsequently, the people’s quality of life will improve simultaneously.

The Hype of Tokoin Public Sale Reaches Korea

The hype of Indonesian blockchain project for MSME, Tokoin, gains its popularity also in Korea market. Already listed in one of the token purchasing platforms in Korea, Tokenbank, Tokoin receives support from the ecosystem for the vision that Tokoin builds, accelerating MSME in emerging market.

Then contribution and support from Korean market shows that there are many people out there that share the same vision with Tokoin, that is to eliminate the barrier of economic inclusion by facilitating the unbanked and unbankable MSME with technological approach as the solution.

Preparing and welcoming the Global Public Sale, Tokoin had set the presale agenda running on the Tokenbank platform. In this agenda, Tokenbank platform is assisting Tokoin to widely spread the Tokoin innovative model of the project, including also the features and services that are already being developed in the Tokoin platform. Tokenbank assures that the market is given the proper analysis and forecast they need in order to contribute to the Tokoin project.

Until this article is written, the ongoing token sale in Korean market has reached 81% of the target.

We will keep posting updates and new information about Tokoin and also the preparation to the upcoming Public Sale, so please stay tuned on our website and follow our social media pages:






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Flash Sale Tokoin Ludes dalam Tiga Menit, Penjualan Capai 800,000 USD

Tokoin, platform cryptocurrency yang sedang digaungkan untuk menjadi solusi masa depan bagi UMKM Indonesia, berhasil menggelar flash sale yang masuk dalam rangkaian pre-public sale pada Rabu (24/4/2019) kemarin.

Yang mengejutkan bagi publik adalah flash sale yang digelar Tokoin dengan jumlah ratusan ribu dolar, habis dalam hitungan kurang dari 3 menit saja. Di luar rencana semula, pihak Tokoin bahkan perlu menggelar sekali lagi flash sale dengan jarak 4 jam dari flash sale pertama.

Selama 4 jam jeda, para calon kontributor yang hendak menukar token masih mengantri dan berpacu dengan prosedur KYC yang terlebih dahulu harus dilalui. Setelah KYC sudah berhasil, calon adopter token baru bisa melakukan pembelian TOKO Token, token ERC20 keluaran Tokoin.

Hal ini sangat jarang terjadi dalam industri, mengingat tren ini sedang dalam kondisi kehilangan peminat dan bahkan cenderung stagnan. CEO Tokoin, Reiner Rahardja mengatakan, “Kami melihat ini sebagai sebuah fenomena yang tidak pernah terjadi sebelumnya, Flash Sale jumlah besar habis dalam hitungan 3 menit. Anomali! Kami sampai harus membuat Flash Sale fase dua yang tidak kami rencanakan sebelumnya. Ini dikarenakan Tokoin sudah lama menjadi sorotan dan mendapat kepercayaan publik secara luas masif dan internasional.”

Sementara itu, Andri Handoko, Product R&D Specialist Tokoin juga mengatakan, “Kami tidak menyangka sebelumnya bahwa pasar akan sangat antusias secepat ini. Ini adalah kali pertama kami dalam membuka adopsi publik dan hasilnya sangat di luar dugaan.”

Flash sale dengan hasil yang demikian ini membuktikan bahwa dalam industri blockchain, masih ada project masa depan yang menjanjikan dan sangat berpotensi untuk memiliki implikasi yang membawa perkembangan pada sistem. Dalam hal ini Tokoin memang menargetkan agar projectnya bisa menjadi platform pencatatan credit scoring dengan didukung teknologi blockchain bagi bisnis MSME.