A Look Into Reiner Rahardja: One of Indonesia’s Finest Business Minds

Tokoin has emerged as an exemplary project in the Indonesian market, and a lot of it can be credited to the main man behind the project, CEO of Tokoin, Reiner Rahardja. One of the leading businessmen in Indonesia, Rahardja has made his reputation as one of the country’s top entrepreneurs with an unparalleled knack for innovation and technology.

One of the reasons that Rahardja is so revered in the Indonesian market is because of his incredible list of achievements, which started right from his early 20s. Rahardja proved that he has a special ability of business development and all the jazz that comes with it, from a very young age. In fact, when he was just 26 years old in 2014, when he generated total sales of a quarter trillion rupiah. It is achievements like this and many more, that have earned him several awards including the award for being among the top 2 successful young entrepreneurs under 40, in Indonesia.

When we talked to Reiner about his background, this is what he had to say:

“I grew up in a traditional and modest household, and was the youngest child of 2 brothers. I was very ambitious right from my childhood, which is why after graduating from High School in 2006, I wanted to start making my name in the world out there. Initially I struggled to begin my career as a credit card seller while also studying at university, but I quickly was able to rise up the ranks as the best salesperson in the company that I was working for. I gave my all to consistently achieve and maintain high sales targets.”

Reiner has always maintained a stellar academic record, earning his bachelor’s degree in only two and a half years from the University of Southern Queensland, Australia. He graduated as a Bachelor of Business Administration and from there he went on to simultaneously work for 3 companies. At the very young age of 20, Reiner was making 25 million rupiahs each month. The companies that he worked for were all multinational outfits with turnovers exceeding the billion-dollar mark. 

A young man with an indomitable spirit, he was just getting started on the road to success. What sets Reiner apart from many other business graduates out there, is how he has been a mentor to other young businessmen along the way. He helped them accelerate their businesses by sharing his experiences and knowledge with them. He took the plunge into the world of entrepreneurship in 2009, when he decided to start a company. When asked about that phase of his life, he said:

“I started by establishing a small business by selling Cireng (a local fried snack in Indonesia) that I gradually popularized. Over the next 9 months, I was able to open up around 40 branches, a bento styled restaurant with 4 branches and eventually took to selling imported wood parquets.”

Reiner has gone on to judge many university and national level business competitions and has been an inspiration for more than 1 million young Indonesians. He has assisted many young businessmen in accelerating their companies and become successful entrepreneurs. For all his contributions, he has been awarded the Indonesia Entrepreneur and Education Award as The Best & Most Recommended Business Acceleration Company. 

Today the Reiner Rahardja Group consists of multiple industries and sectors including, General Trading, Importers, Plantation, Agribusiness, Andesite Mining, Fisheries & Maritime, Electronic, Cosmetic, and Investors. Reiner has been crucial in expanding Indonesia’s economic growth by expanding his business to Andesite Mining. He has also supported the country’s economic and foreign exchange reserves (devisa) from the maritime and fisheries side, by joining the economic movement initiated by the Ministry Of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Republic Of Indonesia. He now owns more than 10 fishing vessels under his fishing fleet focusing on Tuna, Skipjack Tuna and Mackerel.

A real team player, Reiner’s vision of supporting MSMEs and helping them grow has been accurately reflected in Tokoin’s creation and operation. He has been imperative in boosting Tokoin’s brand image and has pushed it to achieve the national and international recognition that it deserves.  

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Author: Tokoin Official

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